Reflection Communications

"Design Is Where Science And Art Break Even"

Personalised designs

All your designs are made to your specific requirements and desires, we aim to please and make sure you have a unique design that describes you or your business.

bright idea’s

We are known for our unique - bright idea’s that make you and your brand pop. We always think outside the box, to give each client their own unique design.


We are always making sure we are keeping up with the newest trends and searching for new idea’s to keep our signage and designs fresh for you.

fast turn around time

We are known for our fast turn around time, we ensure all deadlines are met and aim to complete all signage and designs before the deadline is due.

Reflection Communications

Reflection Communications

Create unique designs that stand out above the rest

Reflection Communications designs Signage, logos, brand guides, corporate brochures, annual reports, posters, flyers, signage, corporate stationery, marketing materials, newsletters, magazines and much more!

We are often asked to come up with unique and attention grabbing products, eg. Branded corporate gifts, once off 3D signs, cut out standee’s, entrance carpets, display cabinets, embroidery, entry boxes, picture frames etc.